Albany Institute of History & Art Exhibition

The exhibit covers the development of graphic design from the earliest use of printed text and images with items from the Albany/ upper Hudson Valley area including the work of artists and designers working today.
Here is a portion of the text from the Institute's announcement:

"Graphic Design—Get the Message! looks at graphic design from four themed areas: typography and early printing; commerce and graphic design; political and social messages; and the creative process. Through the use of posters, broadsides, package designs, paintings, decorative arts, historical photographs, and computer interactives, these four themes will address topics such as technology and innovation; manufacturing and commercial growth; changing aesthetics; typography; designers and the growth of the design profession; and social and political expression in graphic work. Graphic designs, objects, and the history of design work from the Albany area will be used to address broader issues of national and international significance. As it examines technological, commercial, aesthetic, and social factors, Graphic Design—Get the Message! will reveal not only how the field has changed over the years, but also how it has changed us.
Throughout its run, the exhibition will also feature a number of lectures and demonstrations by graphic designers and scholars in the field."

I am delighted to be a part of this 5 month long exhibition about graphic design which runs from February 5th through June 12th. I will also be giving a presentation on Friday, May 6th at 6:00 PM in conjunction with the exhibition. 
It is a spectacular show and worth seeing -even without my work!

Here is a link to the Institute's site: