Truly Spiked & Sparkling

Boston Beer is rolling out a new product, a spiked seltzer in three flavors. The watercolor art on the bottles and six pack cartons are mine.

Indian Ladder Farmstead Brewery

Its been a while since I posted anything but I am beginning to catch up, starting with this.
This craft brewery & cidery is located on a well known and beloved apple orchard where they also grow their own hops and barley. The idea was to evoke the classic produce crate art of the 40s to reflect this brewer's commitment to ingredients sourced as locally as it gets! They even brew a farmstead style beer with yeast developed on the farm.
In addition to the art of the apples and hops, this time I had the opportunity to do the graphic design as well.


Spindrift is a fresh ingredient soda & seltzer company. These are the new re-designed seltzer packages with my illustrations.

Hops rendering

Something a bit different, style-wise. I was asked to follow the style of the existing suite of drawings for this.

Facundo Bacardi

Bacardi has released a suite of special rums and launched a web site for which I have contributed artwork. I created vignettes in multiple layers of line and wash that were then animated by a very creative team. When I saw the results, I was floored. Take a look and see if you don't find the animation as fun as I do!

The images below are stills from different stages of the animations.


I won't say who these were done for but I thought that they were fun-fun to do and, hopefully, fun to view.

Real McCoy Rum

Yes, that's right, rum!!!! Sam Adams beer, Real McCoy rum, hmmmm... there seems to be a trend developing here. These elements were developed for various in-store display items, mainly a bin stacker and a standee.

IBM Television commercial

I was fortunate to be involved in a television spot for IBM that aired during the Masters Golf Tournament on Sunday, April 13th. I and my art work both appear in the commercial. It was
one of 45 or so unique spots in a"Made with IBM" series that aired one time each. This spot can now be seen on Youtube

Nantucket Nectars

Here is a big project that I worked on last year which is finally making its way into stores. I re-illustrated the label art for the entire line of Nantucket Nectars juice flavors, fifteen in all. All the art was done in watercolor and each of the elements were done separately so that they could be re-arranged for different flavors. This was a great project!

Samuel Adams seasonal bottles

One last post for 2013
This was done along with a poured glasses version. I will post that one in the near future. This is the most detailed and challenging a rendering I have ever done digitally. The drawing part is still traditional pencil but the rest is photoshop- for anyone who would care about that sort of thing.


Samuel Adams Honey Queen

It's been a while since I posted one of the Small Batch labels I have illustrated for Boston Beer. This one is a 'Braggot", Don't ask me what that is. I just do the drawings!

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Illustrated dragon story on iPad