Presented on this page and the next is a sampling of artwork created for various exhibit applications including life size figures for a museum exhibit, a series of digitally reproduced murals for a convention center and a 36 foot long hand painted  veterans mural.

The convention center murals show the unique and rich history of Albany, NY as well as some of its natural and cultural assets. There is a 50' long main mural, shown in its entirety along with details, and five 15' tall themed murals as well as a 13' square mural (not shown here).

 In the case of the veterans mural, all aspects of the project were commissioned, including the overall concept. This was to be a memorial honoring all students and faculty of this University who had served in the Armed Forces since the school's beginning. The basic requirement was to present all 2000+ names. The concept is a painted 36 foot montage mural combined with photographs of veterans collected from donors and lucite panels listing the 2000 names.

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