Sam Adams IPA line up

Here is the complete, 4 style IPA line up that was done in the chalk/pastel style. Samuel Adams' Creative Director did the beautiful logotype rendering but I was responsible for everything else - great fun!

Even More Samuel Adams Stuff

These are two of four packaging re-designs using a chalk/pastel medium to set the IPA line of beers apart from the rest of the lineup which has been done in a scratchboard style. This was the project that I had the opportunity to do a pastel version of the iconic Sam Adams tankard hoisting portrait.

Samuel Adams iconic portrait

I had the opportunity to do my version of that portrait you see on virtually every Sam Adams product. This version had to be done in a chalk style for specific applications - in this case it was for the label and six pack for Double Agent IPL. I've also included a detail of the original art here.

Two more Sam Adams Small Batch labels

Well, it's been a year almost to the day since I posted the first of this series of 22 oz. limited edition Samuel Adams specialty beer labels. These two make it eleven so far in the series.  It's been great fun and, I believe, the series has been successful so I hope that it continues.

More "New Look" samples

I'm exploring how this style applies to different subjects. Here are examples from two ends of the lifestyle spectrum.

New Look

I have been working on a new(ish) style to compliment the work I have been doing. This has been percolating for a while and was nudged along by the work I have been doing for Sam Adams beer.
It is not entirely new in the sense that I have always had a preference for montage in my illustration work but this combines my affinity for drawing with my newfound love of Photoshop. Everything old is new again.
Here are a couple of portfolio samples to start with. These are rejiggered compositions using elements from various assignments, some of which never saw the light of day.

Edward de Vere

Author Leslie McCrae is publishing a series of suspense/ thrillers about a Black Ops type operative named Edward de Vere.
 I have established a style that will, hopefully, carry through the series and give it a distinctive look. Take a look at the first two stories available for download from Amazon and visit The author's site.

Guinness holiday promotion

I did this a while back but since I have had such a good run of work on the Samuel Adams Small Batch series labels, I thought I would post this as well.

© Guinness & Co.

Mars Chocolate

Watch this space, as they say in the advertising biz, for news about a project I worked on for Mars, Incorporated. Also, news about 'Willoughby: The Dragon from Suburbia' coming soon.

Samuel Adams Grumpy Monk

Yet another one! Incredibly, due to the limited edition nature of this product line, I have been fortunate to be involved with  an astounding 14 labels for Boston Beer in the last 2 years or so.
This is the latest - and possibly, the most irreverent one to date. The label was just approved and the release date is, as yet, undetermined.

Norse Legend Sahti

Another in this playful series of labels for an interesting line of beers - a chocolate Bock, double I P A, barley wine, a Gose and now a Sahti. The subject matter for the art has been as eclectic as the recipes. Fun!

 © Boston Beer Co., Boston, MA

More Samuel Adams Small Batch labels

The Small Batch series grows. In addition to the four labels  that have been on shelves since November there are two more coming soon and a third one "Verloren" which is German for lost, was announced just today on some of the industry blogs. Not one to fall behind in announcing my own work, here they are. Once again, these are collaborations in the absolute best sense with the enlightened art director I work with at Boston Beer.

All images, design, names and text are trademark and copyright: Boston Beer Company, Inc.

Willoughby : The Dragon from Suburbia

Here is yet another project I have become involved with. A writer and I are in the process of developing a series of graphic short stories for Kindle, Ipad type platforms. Here is a developmental sketch and a link to our fledgling blog that will (hopefully) chronicle our progress on this exciting project.

'Willoughby' blog

Cowboy & paper burn animation

This is an iteration of the cowboy animation I posted a while back. I am exploring how to integrate a bit of animation as an element in a longer video that may have other elements and live action. Another integration of my art with live action video was the Ralph Lauren web video, which I posted a link to last October.  

I have uploaded this to Vimeo and Youtube

Griffon's Bow and The Vixen

Here are the last two in the recent series of labels I worked on for Samuel Adams. The drawings are mine, the inspired design and art direction is from Boston Beer.


Sam Adams Third Voyage

This one showed up today on the blogs. One of the things I really enjoy about working on these labels (and the Imperial Series labels) is the fact that the drawings are sketches- not finished renderings. They have an iterative, fresh feel about them. More to come...

Sam Adams Tazman Red IPA

It's on the beer blogs so I might as well post it here on my blog. Another fun project with Boston Beer. I don't know exactly WHY I was asked to draw the little guys in his beard but I love them! More to come...